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She said:
Zoltán, you stumble over a big stone,
you lift it, you carry it on your way,
and you put it down, just to stumble over it again.
You lift the stone, you carry it on, you put it down, you stumble. Over and over.

Bas Jan Ader was born 1942.
He was last seen 1975 when he set out to cross the ocean with a tiny sailboat.
Three weeks later the radio contact ceased to function,
several months later his boat was found without him close to the Irish coast.

His opus is small, a few short video clips he has left behind.



Fall I

Bas Jan Ader is sitting on a chair.
The chair is on the roof.
Then he falls.
That is, he drops himself to the ground.

Bas Jan Ader 1.jpg

Fall II

Bas Jan Ader is riding a bicycle.
That is, he drops himself into the gracht.



Broken Fall, (organic)

Dangling far out on a very thin branch.
The branch, you are hanging on to, is it thick?

I am lifting the stone; Bas Jan Ader is doing it too.
He has set himself a target he intends to fail.




Here is his very well designed website.