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image by
Lewis Hine

Harry McShane, 134 Broadway, Cincinnati.
Sixteen years of age on June 29, 1908.
Had his left arm pulled off near shoulder,
and right leg broken through kneecap
by being caught on belt of a machine
in Spring Works factory [below] in May 1908.
Had been working there more than 2 years.
Was on his feet for first time after the accident
the day this photo was taken.
No attention was paid by employers to the boy either at hospital
or home according to statement of boy’s father.
No compensation.

Photograph and caption by Lewis Hine.

August 1908. Greeno Spring Works, factory where Harry McShane was injured. 314 Yeatman Alley, Cincinnati.
Lewis Hine, 1908

Child Labor: 11 year-old Halima sews clothing for Hanes

The original source of the video above and the following quote is the homepage of “THE NATIONAL LABOR COMMITTEE”.

“Transnational corporations now roam the world to find the cheapest and most vulnerable workers. The people who stitch together our jeans and assemble our CD-players are mostly young women in Central America, Mexico, Bangladesh, China and other poor nations, many working 12 to 14-hour days for pennies an hour. The lack of accountability on the part of our U.S. corporations–now operating all over the world, and the resulting dehumanization of this new global workforce is emerging as the overwhelming moral crisis of the 21st century. The struggle for rule of law in the global economy–to ensure respect for the fundamental rights of the millions of workers producing goods for the U.S. market–has become the great new civil rights movement of our time.”