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Image by
Ralph Eugene Meatyard

I think every work of art expresses,
more or less purely, more or less subtly,
not feelings&emotions which the artist has,
but feeling & emotions which the artist knows;
his insight into the nature of science,
his picture of vital experience,
physical & emotive & fantastic.
Such knowledge is not expressible in ordinary discourse.
The reason fort his ineffability is not that the ideas to be expressed
are too high, too spiritual, or too anything else,
but that the forms of feeling &
and the forms of discursive expression are logically incommensurate,
so that any exact concepts of feeling &
emotion cannot be portrayed into the logical form of literal language.
Verbal statement, which is our normal &
most reliable means of communication,
is almost useless for conveying knowledge about the precise character of the affective life.

Quote by Meatyard, taken from the republished version of “The Family Album of Lucybele Crater.”