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That photography doesn’t give an objective image of reality has become commonplace knowledge, as it was a commonplace belief some decades ago, that photography is objective and to be seen as a truthful document depicting reality.

In fact, the interesting thing about these contradicting views is that they share common grounds: both arguments are based on the belief, that there is such thing as truth and objectivity.

I believe both terms are merely human constructs reflecting our hopes for a world we can understand and feel secure in.

Because I know myself a bit, I am aware of the fact that my relationship with reality is very doubtable.

vase/face to face

There are as many truths as there are humans. In the name of truth, that is the ours, but not the truth of the other, we keep on fighting in our tiny private world, we keep on fighting in groups against other groups, always in the name of the truth we believe to own.
It’s nice to be right.

Instead of keeping up the belief in the one and only truth it could make more sense, to find out about the truths we believe in, and to make an effort to understand the truth of our fellow men.


The old lady called me three times a day, because her neighbor was poisoning her with gamma rays. Again and again I lied to her, promising to take away the appliance radiating the poisonous rays. Both of us didn’t understand where the neighbor was picking up those appliances that fast.

The old lady really was suffering. There were winters that she stayed overnight on her balcony, or in the corridor before her apartment, just to escape dangerous radiation.

Every one of us perceives the world through a filter of beliefs we hold for true. Our ties to reality might not be as blatantly delusional as the old ladies, but boundaries are blurred.

The world is as we interpret it. For sure it’s different too.

There have been times, when the earth was held for a disk, there have been times people had to sew yellow stars on their clothing, and there have been times when children born to an unmarried mother were called bastards. There have been times blacks were traded like cattle.

Now is the time, when hundreds of experts may gamble away milliards of dollars.
Now is the time, when nothing is more important than the financial gain of individuals and of big corporations.

Now is the time, when the poverty of the many and the wealth of the few is growing. Now is the time when profits never can be big enough, wages and pensions never can be small enough.

We believe that can’t be different.