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by Kay Lynn Deveney,
part of the project “The day to day life of Albert Hasting”

Albert Hastings, aged 91 years, has lost his wife early in life.
His daughter and his grandson are both dead too.
Albert Hastings is a survivor.
Or to put it differently, he was left alone.

If I may trust my eyes,
if I may trust the photographs of Kay Lynn Deveney
and the writings of Albert Hastings,
then he isn’t suffering from his age,
or his existence. He takes it as it is, and as it comes.

Kay Lyn’s work is unspectacular,
because life is just an everyday matter.
Her respect of Albert Hastings and her interest in his person
are present in every image of her.
Albert Hastings is commenting the photographs taken of him,
and Lynn Deveney ads his short lines
on an equal footing to her images.
Consequently Mr. Hastings is mentioned as the coauthor.
From an object to be photographed he turns into a subject
influencing and interpreting the photographic procedure.
This doesn’t happen very often in the world of photography.