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Amedelio, a video-blog, can do a thing, TV and the print media can’t do.
Amadelio doesn’t have to rush.
Amadelio doesn’t need an apparatus, doesn’t need any hierarchies, and I hope they don’t have too much trouble financing themselves.

Christian Klinger is doing the interviews, and edits himself out of the tape afterwards.
Daniela Krien is the face of Amadelio, but you will notice that, as soon you will start watching the videos. Some of them were lead in English, for the others you will have to learn German.

The topic of the interview took me completely by surprise.
Christian Klinger didn’t ask me about photography, nor about my photography, he wanted to know what art is supposed to be. Or even more so: “What ain´t art?”

For answering this I am the wrong person.
I don’t know how to define art.

Don´t bother, if you can´t speak german.

El Lissitzky, 1911:”If you ask me, what art is supposed to be, then I won´t know the answer. If you don´t ask me, then I know.”