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August Sander/ The Wolkenburg, larch in wintertime, background Rheinvalley; 1940

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Portrait of August Sander, Siebengebirge um 1941

Caspar David Friedrich/ “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, ca. 1818”

August Sander, as heroic wanderer above the sea of fog finds its answer in a very romantic image depicting a larch.
Both images were made during the years of the “Third Reich”.

It won´t be a surprise to anybody, that August Sanders „People of the Twentieth Century” belongs to my longtime favorites.

While for me his portraits haven’t lost any actuality, his landscapes I find something for photo historians. The range of his images goes from pure romanticism up to sober landscape documentation.

You could have seen here a sequence of images by Heinrich Riebesehl…but now you can´t anymore,



I was asked by BILDKUNST.DE

to delete the images by
(these were the names spelled out)


Loretta Lux,
Man Ray,
Valie Export,
August Sander
Lotte Reiniger


and every other artist represented by them or to pay a fee for publishing their images.
They represent around 126 000 artists from around the world.


I am working on this blog for my fun,
and for the enjoyment of people interested in photography and art.
There is no income generated whatsoever by this site for me.

Many of the images I use here are floating all over the net,
other images I scanned to upload them to my blog.
To share them, to enrich the world with the work of artists I do admire.

No, my blog is not important.

But it is part of what I would call our common wealth.


I don´t think that I am the source of income losses for the artist,
or anybody else.


Art as part of everyday life,
art easily accessible by everybody without barriers and fees,
art as part of the free flow of thoughts and


But not in the case of artist represented by Bild-Kunst.


copyright laws

copyright laws
August Sander/ Wolkenburg; thirties
August Sander/ Wolkenburg; 24.12.1938

Surprisingly you also can find predecessors of a landscape photography that I have know since the seventies and that are echoed by some of Tim Atherton’s images. I like August Sanders idea to see nature as the result of permanent human interventions.

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August Sander/ Reichsautobahn Neandertal; 1938

copyright laws
August Sander/ Autostrasse Köln-Bonn; 1932

The 3.Reich, a period of time I repeatedly wanted to file, for too often the rueful commemorations of the Nazi crimes has turned into a comfortable ritual, that seems to have no effect on the politicians dealing for example with German xenophobia today.

But again and again, I can’t escape this part of German history. Right now I am reading Sebastian Haffners “Defying Hitler: A Memoir”, a book that describes the time from 1914 to 1933 form the perspective of a child and later on of the young grown up. No novel but a case study, in which Haffner pictures himself exemplarily as an average german citizen.

copyright laws
August Sander/ member of the Hitler Youth; ca 1941

Every time I have seen historic documents showing Hitler in action, I was wondering about the times when this ridiculous and smeary man could get so much perverted power.
I imagined, that people just didn’t notice.

I was wrong. Haffner describes that the majority of citizens perceived Hitler in his beginning exactly as I do now: as greasy, abhorrent and ridiculous. He was underestimated until it was to late to do anything against him.



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