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You could have seen here an image by Bernhard Blume, but now you can´t anymore,


because I was asked by BILDKUNST.DE

to delete the images by

Loretta Lux,
Man Ray,
Valie Export,
August Sander
Lotte Reiniger

and every other artist represented by them or to pay a fee for publishing their images.


I am working on this blog for my fun,
and for the enjoyment of people stumbling over my blog.
There is no income generated whatsoever by this site for me.
Most of the images I use here are floating all over the net.


I don´t think that I am the source of income losses for the artist,
or anybody else.
Art as part of everyday life,
art easily accessible by everybody without barriers and fees.
Art as part of the free flow of thoughts and


But not in the case of artist represented by Bild-Kunst.



Though it looks like one: this is no triptych. The images are part of a nine piece series called
“In the Forest – Metaphsics is Men´s Work III”. (1991)

Helplessly this man is kneeling in front of a tree, touching it’s trunk, thus coming as close to his wife as he can. A posture like in a catholic Mass. The middle image alludes to a cross in disarray. Finally: his wife falling into the bottomless.

The premonition of the absurd is accompanied by subliminal fear.
Longing, premonition, fear. The lawn is being cut, the kids groomed. That what is, that what has been, that what will be. The cumbersomely sought orderly course of the world: in the end a succession of catastrophes.

She is falling. She will be fallen. He kneels. He will have seen her falling. He will have gone to her.

February 1, 1968, Saigon, Vietnam: Chief Brigadeer General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, of the South Vietnamese na tional police, executes a Vietcong officer with a single pistol shot in the head. Carrying a pistol and wearing civilian clothes, the Vietcong guerrilla had been captured near Quang Pagoda, identified as an officer and taken to the police chief.

Eddie Adams/AP

The seconds it takes to fall from a tree, the moment before being shot: a short period of time. I don’t know anything about its duration.