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Putting together the images
for the last entries I automatically selected images
that impressed me formally.
I selected images where the deceased look as if being asleep.

This is the road photographers usually take
when taking off to photograph the dead,
who, pragmatically seen, are nothing but a waste product.

A dead body is referring to life, is referring to death.

This is the topic,
if the photographic image is not the chance product of thoughtlessness.
Without an attempt to translate reality,
both photographer and beholder turn into peepers.

A dead man. He appears to be small and slender.
He could be asleep. He is smiling as if being happy.
Dead, slender, boxed in a coffin for further processing.
Wrong place, wrong time for a smile.
The image becomes unintentionally funny, the dignity of this man is hurt.

Image: 19th Century Photography / Paul Frecker London


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