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Lisa writes (you can find her here on Myspace) :

Childhood Dreams

I can remember gazing out of the playroom window of my old house, watching the rain zigzag it’s way to the ledge below. I was just tall enough to rest my chin on the window sill to look out. Behind me was a rather ingenious set up for the closest thing to a royal wedding that Barbi could muster in the late 1980’s. Staring out past the rain I used to wonder when it would be my turn. When would I get married? As I aged and began to date I wondered how will I know when I’ve met him?

Today I sit infront of my computer and smile because Jared and I will wed in only a few short years……

There is so much to do before then… family obligation and all kinds of planning for our future. Until then I’m just going to take it one day at a time and pray for strength, patience and clarity.