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by Anders Petersen.

ottos mops trotzt
otto: fort mops fort
ottos mops hopst fort
otto: soso

otto holt koks
otto holt obst
otto horcht
otto: mops mops
otto hofft

otto mops klopft
otto: komm mops komm
ottos mops kommt
ottos mops kotzt
otto: ogottogott

Ernst Jandl

Translations (found here):

fritz’s bitch

fritz’s bitch itches
fritz: quit bitch quit
fritz’s bitch quits it
fritz: nitwit

fritz picks chips
fritz picks dips
fritz listens
fritz: bitch bitch
fritz wishes

fritz’s bitch twitches
fritz: sit bitch sit
fritz’s bitch sits
fritz’s bitch is sick
fritz: shitshitshit

Brian Murdoch
Brian Murdoch teaches Modern Languages at the University of Stirling, Scotland.

prue’s poodle

prue’s poodle refuses
prue rebukes poodle
prue’s poodle scoots
prue: cute

prue chooses noodles
prue chooses fruit
prue looks
prue: poodle poodle
prue broods

prue’s poodle chews
prue: phooey poodle phooey
prue’s poodle gooey
prue’s poodle pukes
prue: oh shoot

Katy Derbyshire
Katy Derbyshire is a freelance translator from London, now living in Berlin.