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by Anders Petersen.

oh zoltan,
always the same chaos…
is it the right thing??? what about photography?
I am at odds with it, right now,
or maybe it’s good that way …???
the last series I have shown you feels more like a bottomless pit
feels like I am drowning,
having no foothold,
or still having it,
the images from absurdistan,
I understand what you were saying,
it’s a bit hard on me, because they mean a lot to me,
beautiful images, no more, no less…
what will become out of my life,
and my studies?
oh my…

Dear Rose,
this chaos thing, I am acquainted with that.
Your only chance for possibly less chaos it to stop making art,
(maybe recommendable), or to be an other person.
Not sure about that.
I know about these doubts too,
I am sad about the fact that since my book was published,
my work was leading to nothing,
nothing I will show,
and my new project,
still the same tormenting process I wanted to leave behind me,
and believed to have left behind.

You photographs from Absurdistan are neither bad nor good.
More of you I detect in the images you comparing to a bottomless pit,
without foothold.
And still I believe, that you will gain standing,
that you will find a thread,
and your work will get a direction,
worthwhile to be discovered,
standing out of the flood of so-called good photography.

What will become of your life?
And what of mine?

It will happen.