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by Anders Petersen.

I’m a regular kind of guy,
I think you’ve seen me around

I suppose you’ve noticed me as I passed your window,
I suppose you heard my voice that time I called
l suppose you laughed when I made a joke at the supermarket,
I suppose you noticed me as I helped you with your bags, the oranges, the apples
I suppose everything goes right for you in your world,
I suppose, I know, I’m sure you’re a regular kind of girl

If it’ s true that you’ve noticed, then let me know,
if it’s true that you’ve noticed me, then please God, let me know
If it’ s true that you’re interested, then drop me a line,
if it’s true that you noticed me, then indicate, gesticulate, help me

I’m just a regular kind of guy

I’m the sort you’ll meet almost every day,
down by the railway station, up by the market, just passing your way
I’m the sort you might meet at the back of the church, in your pew
I’m the sort that ‘ll help you when you stumble and fall at the bus queue

That’s me, I’m afraid, it’s nothing special,
that’s me, I’m afraid, but I’m nothing special,
I hope you realise how ordinary I am
That’s me, I’m nothing special,
oh honey, that’s me, you know I’m nothing special

Nothing at all, I’m almost invisible .
If I shake my head, I might disappear ,
if I move a leg, you won’t see me again,
I’ll vanish into the air

I’m almost invisible,
I’m invisible, a regular kind of guy.

Almost Invisible (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne – 2002) (CARNIVAL)