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Masahisa Fukase,
“The Solitude Of Ravens”

Mrs.Dr. Auberger is still alive.

She is lying in her bed.
Eyes half closed.
Eyes half open.

Her mouth is always opened.
No teeth.

I can look down her throat.
I could.

Her lips seem to show the pattern of her missing teeth.

Mrs. Dr.Auberger notices my presence.

I cover her up.
I don´t want to see her in diapers.

Mrs.Dr.Auberger doesn´t drink anymore.
Mrs.Dr.Auberger doesn´t eat any more.

I want her to die in my presence.

I leave.

Mrs. Auberger is still alive.

She will stay alone until a nurse will come to her,
to do her duties.

Trying to feed her.
Washing her.
Moving her body.

I don´t know.