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Masahisa Fukase,
“The Solitude Of Ravens”

Two days ago I was visiting Mrs. Dr.Auberger again.
The curtains of her room were half closed,
I hardly could see the old lady lying in her bed.
It was a hot day,
maybe this was the reason she wasn’t´t covered by her bedspread.
She was only wearing a light nightgown.
It was was kind of embarrassing for me to see her that way.
I went close to her bedside.
Mrs. Dr. Auberger didn´t say a word.
She started to unbutton my skirt.
At least she tried.
Her fingers neither had the strength nor the coordination to succeed.
The demented old lady struggled to sit up.
She didn´t make it.
I held her head, she was turning her body,
bringing it in an embryonic position.
I told her that I had to leave.
She took my right hand,
drew it to her mouth,
just to breathe a kiss on it.