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image from
Erotos Nobuyoshi Araki”

Maybe best known for his bondage photographs,
I prefer the images from, and the concept of his book
“Erotos Nobuyoshi Araki”,

I realize now,
that I haven’t succeeded in conveying
an adequate picture of the quality,
the touch and feel of this book.

It’s not just about the single images,
but his sequencing the abstract and the explicit,
taking away the bluntness of some of the images,
permitting me,
to associate,
and to remember.

Arakis book is purely about
about tasting,
and looking,
it is about sex as a sensation,
brought to the point,
as far as this can go.


Nik Lunch, I dont know his real name, also commented on an other post:

“dont understand german but jokay is a pseudointellectual assmunch nith no nuts.. everything so unfonky.. its life deal with it …”

Even if Mr. Lunch´s comments can be dismissed as nonse,
their rude tone and content did hurt me a bit. I was thinking about trashing them,
but in a way they are also interesting.

They are the results of a a way to think and behave that is very strange to me.
Strange, therefore interesting.
While I was pondering over these lines, my friend sent me an other present, to be seen below these lines.
I leave you his backlink….strange kind of advertising the own site.