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image by
Antoine D’AGATA

I am quite at loss trying to comment
Antoine D’AGATA´s work.

I haven’t seen his photographs in an exhibition,
I don’t own a book by him.

His images are combined in an associative, non – rational way.

They are sometimes blurry,
sometimes explicit,
sometimes black and white,
sometimes in color.

I have got the impression,
that his work is about a basic,
existential pain,
belonging to the “conditio humana.”

Antoine D’AGATA´s work is about sexuality,
not about its mechanics,
but about the fundamental emotions that could be connected to it,
as there could be: ecstasy and loneliness,
longing and estrangement.

Images like film stills,
taken from an European movie.
Hollywood looks more like Julia Roberts and dreamy romance.

Antoine D’AGATA
succeeds in translating
some fundamentals in human life,
into photographs,
that show his breathless fascination by “THIS THING CALLED LOVE”.

More images by Antoine D’AGATA you´ll find here.