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image by
Larry Sultan,
The Valley
Patio, Bosque Drive, 2003

nudity in photography is seldom this laid-back.

Naked women in magazines,
(the nude male body is hardly used to sell products),
are trying to present an image depicting perfection.

The template for all these photographs
is the well developed body of young women around twenty,
the reason for this is obvious.

Because even the bodies
of these perfect young female specimen are not perfect enough,
photography and photoshop
are doing the rest to create an image of perfect beauty.

The next step in this race for the immaculate
is surgery.
Reality is modelled after virtual reality.

Teen girls are starving themselves to death,
women are buying themselves big breasts,
or small ones,
they manipulate their lips,
their skin,
fat is cut away or added.

And all are left behind in frustration,
because naked,
in front of a mirror,
or even worse,
on a photograph,
we never look like
those virtual beauties.

And we get older,
if we don´t die
before becoming older,
we see the traces,
of aging,
traces that don´t fit in this world
of youthfulness.

And here this photograph
of a relaxed,
naked women,
with sagging,
beautiful breasts.

And here this photograph
about self-acceptance
and the natural beauty of the human body.