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image by
Larry Sultan,
The Valley
Sharon Wild, 2001

I sort of have a bad conscience dealing
with Larry Sultans work, as I do here.

While using his image in my series about sex,
I neither confronted myself with his intentions,
nor did I inform myself more than superficially regarding his complete work.

I didn´t want to use Larry Sultans photograph of Sharon Wilde.
Because of it´s easy beauty
it is easy to consume.

But after having seen some other photographs
depicting Mrs. Wilde,
I changed my mind.

The porn pics Mrs Wild is hopefully earning a lot of money with
are blunt and ugly.

In this context,
Larry Sultans photograph of Mrs. Wilde gets a quality
that makes me sad.

Pornographic images don´t show any respect.
Everybody deserves more than that.

Larry Sultan died December last year.

More about “The Valley” you´ll find at AmericansuburbXcalifornia.