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image by
Garry Winogrand

I love this little book by Winogrand. From the first time I saw it, I was dreaming of having a copy of it. It was the time before Internet, it was the time, before you could find, and buy, with enough money in your pockets, with just one mouse click everything your heart desires.
Before Internet, way back in time, it was hard to find new photographic work, museums preferably showed the top ten, as they still do, and in the art book stores, the only other way to see new stuff, you found the same books again and again.

One day I got lucky. In a bookstore, on a forgotten shelve, among forgotten books, I found and bought Winogrands “Women are beautiful”.

Yesterday, in a subway, a woman was sitting in front of me; I just saw her beautiful hair, a part of her neck, and one most beautiful ear of hers.
A part of me, at least visually, is always on a hunting spree: not looking for, but always noticing: beautifully formed legs, a part of a breast, covered but the rest left to my imagination, the nicely swinging hips of a women walking by.

This everyday fixation on women, this harmless fun of just looking,
Winogrand transferred into loving, lighthearted and joyful photographs.