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image by
Jakob Aue Sobol
from his series “Sabine”

In Nan Goldins early photographic work,
men and women don’t match,
still they mate.
Sexual desire is categorized as the driving force in human life,
is described as dependency,
as basic trick of nature to make us search for the other.
She shows herself and other women victimized by men.
If there is any truth, Nan Goldins truth is part of it.

For Jakob Aue Sobol,
the need for each other
is based on a search for warmth and tenderness.
The need is not to be alone.
He describes everyday life,
and the moments in it,
that, however small,
make relationships, and thus life,
worthwhile to endure.
In Jakob Aue Sobols world the otherness of our fellow humans,
the otherness between men and women is an asset to cherish.

His homepage you will find here.