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from German Landscape
image by
Karin Apollonia Müller

Karin Apollonia Müller also was in the same photography class with me in Essen, Germany.
We had the same teachers.
A few times we had a walk together, she, her dog and me.
We haven´t seen us for years now.

There is probably no photographer on earth you can´t find on Joerg Colberg´s blog.
His statement:
“Karin Apollonia Müller was born in Heidelberg in 1963, and grew up as the daughter of a sea captain.” Elsewhere, it says about her that she “grew up on a Rhine river barge. Her father, the captain, built her a swing and she remembers swinging high above the boat, flying and floating above the landscape. This experience, of being in a place out of a place, is echoed in her work.”

Anyway, Karin Apollonia Müller found her photographic topic during her studies. Her first series she called “German Landscapes”.
Here she is documenting ancient German customs.
I like the winking romanticism in these early images of her,
later on the humans become smaller on her photographs,
and she is putting her focus on urban landscapes, landscapes devastated by humanity.

Of the later series my favorite project of her is called “timber cove”,
I just love how she is sequencing her images on her homepage.
Her topic here is not just the landscapes also how our visual perception of landscapes is working.