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image by
Rafal Milach
pomnik irakijskeigo zolnierza / iraqui soldier monument

Rafal Milach probably never meant the following images seriously.
Just some snapshots, an experiment. But for a project about Iraq this could have been a road to go.

When looking at photographs, I am not interested in how the world looks like.
I want to see how it feels.
And I am interested in visual solutions that are different than the visuals I have seen before. I want to see the handwriting of the photographer.

This look of a pinhole camera could be a nostalgic gimmick.
But it isn’t.

Probably Rafal Milach was working with a hidden camera.
The tunnel like vision and the blur in these images transfer to me a feeling of fear, of concentration, and of being closed in. Some of the photographs also do reflect the idea of absurdity.

In the time of 24 hour TV news coverage photography shouldn’t repeat reality anymore.