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from Georgia
image by
Vanessa Winship

Massimo Sordi and Stefania Rössl are curating a group exhibition called “global photography” as a part of SIFEST Photo Festival of Savignano(Italy). Vanessa Winship is one of the invited photographers.

About a week ago, Massimo Sordi sent me a list of photographers he has invited to the show mentioned above.
He wrote: “please let me know what you think…”
I don’t like to be merely polite, and I hate to be rude.

And then, how can you answer a question like this? I was looking for a solution and picked up his thread. One by one I am looking up the work of the photographers on his list, and I am posting what I am finding. An interesting experience, because it’s his and his co curator’s selection, not mine.
Some of his selections I don’t agree with, others I had to leave my point of view to discover a kind of quality I am usually not looking for.

Vanessa Winships photographs sort of hit me in the stomach and I am still feeling the pain while writing these lines.

Actually I don’t like photojournalism. I am tired of it’s conventionalized language, and I don’t care at all for images of people who, in one way of an other, are only interesting to us, because they look and live different than we do.

I am interested in what we share, not in what separates us.

So I could criticize Vanessa Winships work because she is using the aura of the old fashioned as many photographers do, traveling to the east European countries.
I could criticize her of using a conventionalized language, even in her non-journalistic images, but for what should I do that.

Many of her photographs are so full of strength, charm and beauty,
that they don’t have to be studied, analyzed or explained in any way.

They just do touch me.
The pain I feel will go away.

Visit her homepage.
Look for yourself.