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image and text by
Jodi Bieber

Bradley and Lynette
Lynette is a single mother with three young boys, a live-in lover and a dog. She lives in a council block, in a flat which consists of one room, a kitchen and bathroom. She and her children have often had to move, even sleeping in a school classroom for a period when her husband abandoned the family. Her day is spent doing household chores. Danny, her lover, is a retired gangster who spent time in jail for murder and is now a storeman at a private hospital. Warbler, her eldest son (11), was expelled from school and hangs out on the streets with the Jonathan D Boyz. When Bradley, her youngest son (7), gets angry he responds with a knife; behaviour learnt on the streets is brought back home. The only way Lynette seems to know how to discipline her children is by threatening or striking them with a leather belt. Her son Wardlen once stabbed her. Many women are left alone to care for and discipline their children, as their husbands are either in jail, on the run from the law or have been killed through gang violence. Lynette has pleaded with the Welfare Department to take her kids away from Westbury, as she believes it is not a suitable place for children to grow up in. However, life goes on…