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image by Loretta Lux

Loretta Lux´s images are beautiful, oh so beautiful.
Beautiful children in lovely, old-fashioned dresses in old-fashioned settings.
Children like dolls, empty faces in tiny little landscapes and wee little doll houses.
Her images are half paintings half photography, masterly manipulated with Photoshop.

They are supposed to remind of us of old paintings,
but those old paintings are charming, and alive,
while Loretta Lux´s images are cold and dead.

Nevertheless Loretta Lux´s images posses a poster like quality, her imagery is unique:
pretty, bloodless, dead kids, dressed in pastel, surrounded by pastel. Kids like ghosts living in a haunted house.

You could have seen here a sequence of images by Loretta Lux…but now you can´t anymore,
(The only one of the artists I had to erase from my blog I am absolutely not sorry for….,
in hindsight it would have been smarter not to mention her at all.)

Though Loretta Lux´images are completely dead,
she is alive.
The other artists works are very much alive,
but they are dead.

No, Valie Export is alive too.
But she has some heart.
And blood.
And brains.

I am sure they didn´t complain about my small little blog at the bildkunst company.


I was asked by BILDKUNST.DE

to delete the images by
(these were the names spelled out)


Loretta Lux,
Man Ray,
Valie Export,
August Sander
Lotte Reiniger


and every other artist represented by them or to pay a fee for publishing their images.
They represent around 126 000 artists from around the world.


I am working on this blog for my fun,
and for the enjoyment of people interested in photography and art.
There is no income generated whatsoever by this site for me.

Many of the images I use here are floating all over the net,
other images I scanned to upload them to my blog.
To share them, to enrich the world with the work of artists I do admire.

No, my blog is not important.

But it is part of what I would call our common wealth.


I don´t think that I am the source of income losses for the artist,
or anybody else.


Art as part of everyday life,
art easily accessible by everybody without barriers and fees,
art as part of the free flow of thoughts and


But not in the case of artist represented by Bild-Kunst.