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image by
Andreas Weinand

1984 I started studying photography in Essen.

I hated doing what the teachers made me do,
I was disappointed by their way of teaching,
and I felt I didn´t get what I was looking for.

But there were a handful fellow students that impressed me.
Andreas Weinand was one of them.

His photographs were the first ones that were convincing me through their fine use of color. This was in now seemingly prehistoric times, in a time far back in the past century, when color was predominantly used in vernacular photography or by fine art photographers who were proud to show us red doors in white greek houses before a brilliant blue sky.

And I was touched by the emotionality and sensibility of his photography.The warmth of his images. His precision in his descriptions of this very German surroundings we were living in. I remember admiring him, me the younger student, the absolute beginner, him, the student already a few years ahead.

Andreas Weinands images, they are still different.
He didn’t quit and still is stubbornly looking for a road to go.
I wish him the best.