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image by
Jason Lazarus

Jason Lazarus combinations of words and images open up a space for our thoughts and feelings. Using this space we may go on a travel, leaving Jason Lazarus images behind.

The photographs Lazarus is using are far from being perfect. Compared to the work of the leading artist photographers, his images are lacking beauty. This is one of the reasons, why I like Jason Lazarus work.

Though it is obvious that Lazarus has a sharp mind and that he is using it, he is able to communicate without loosing himself in a lingo only to be deciphered by insiders.

He is using icons and words everybody is able to understand. The pillow his father was resting his head on while being unconscious, a sweaty mark: an image, some words, opening a realm of thoughts and feelings.

Jason Lazarus is talking about art. He is talking about photography and he is talking about life.
He is talking about that what has happened, and about that what is happening. He is talking about absurdity and pain.

Jason Lazarus work is compassionate, because it lets us feel compassion.