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image by
Mark Steinmetz

On Mark Steinmetz photographs it is always summer. The air is warm and stroking the skin of his protagonists. The children and youth he is taking pictures of are soft looking and friendly… images full of sensuality and kindness.

Mark Steinmetz photographs remind me of my childhood: sitting on a tree in the garden of my grandparents, always reading a book. Running barefooted over coarse gravel, swimming in the lukewarm waters of the Balaton, (the big Hungarian lake). Secretly in love with some girl, never disclosing myself to her. Warm days, summer days.

There are many facets of reality, as you can see in the works of Jodi Bieber, Tobias Zielony and now Mark Steinmetz.

The cruelty of South African childhood in the townships;
the harshness of being in transition between childhood and the rest of your life; and last but not least the cozy memories of childhood summers.