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image by
Garry Winogrand

untitled, 1950s

After I discovered AMERICAN SUBURB X I was thinking about to quit my blog. AMERICAN SUBURB X offers such an abundance of interesting texts and photographs an abundance I never can come up to. But we do different things. AMERICAN SUBURB X is collecting all kinds of materials, it is a fascinating archive connected with photography. My blog is a personal playground, a fun game to play, starting out at one point not knowing where the road I have chosen will take me too. Everyday I surprise myself with the photographs I have chosen to publish and the words I have found. Topics come by and go again. My blog is a path through time and will be even more so as I will continue with posting. It’s s a sort of public diary where I can hide what I am occupied with at a given moment in time.

Of course I love to get recognition for my work, be it my for blogging but even more so for my photography. But recognition is just but one aspect. Without recognition, I would still be going on.

Blogging and taking photographs are my means to communicate, if with nobody else then with myself.
Both are part of my coping with life. They are a way of learning, of handling matters.
Expressing yourself, with whatever means, is working, playing, being frustrated, having fun.

Around and around I go.

My blog is my collection of images, is my museum, is my working with images.
It doesn’t cost me anything but time. And is a trace in time as my photography is.

Winogrands images never cease to surprise me. The image above accompanied me for a long time in form of a postcard. I never thought about it. I just loved the image. It stood for fun, freedom and ease I am dreaming of and will never reach. Looking at it now, I see that the ease I detected is the result of hard work and the risk to break one’s neck is not to be underestimated. The image might show the essence of Winogrand`s approach to photography.