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image by
Gerhard Gäbler

via Leo ( English – German online dictionary):

Sascha: Was heißt mafiosi auf Englisch? Sarah : plural for mafioso, or “man of honor”. There is no “English” expression I am aware of.
Don Alto:Wise-guy, made-guy, goodfella
AndreasS: Mafioso = mobster “Mob” ist, soviel ich weiß, ein Sammelbegriff für das organisierte Verbrechen und die Personengruppen, die solche Verbrechen begehen.
nickalias: gangster
John: support AndreasS Mobster is the word you’re looking for.

Politics is intruding everyday into my life.

The only way to keep it out would be to close my eyes, shut my ears, throw the TV set and the radio out the window and burn the newspapers before reading them.

But I keep politics out of my blog, though sometimes I am tempted to post voice my anger. But politics are a day-to-day matter, and nobody cares outside of Germany about local affaires.

Gerhard Gäbler didn’t like the RULING ELITE of the former GDR.
I am assuming this, because I know some of his other work, and because it’s only a minority who is filled with positive emotions towards the rulers of a crumbling dictatorship.
To be cautious: I am using dictatorship in the sense of the “dictatorship of the proletariat”.
This grinning guy on the left and the guys with the sunglasses are not mobsters,
but representing the working class. I don’t know what this image says to those who not living in Germany. For me these members of a RULING ELITE look ridiculous and not very trustworthy.
Photographically all those hidden eyes, hidden by a shadow and hidden by sunglasses, signalize this lack of trustworthiness.
For gaining trust you have to see the eyes of your vis-a- vis.

Anyway I didn’t want to write about this RULING ELITE drowned in the tides of history times long gone by now.
I wanted to write about the RULING ELITES in general.
I trust the German RULING ELITE, here I not only mean the POLITICAL CLASS but also the BANKERS and the INDUSTRIALISTS, I trust our RULING ELITE as I trust those ridiculous guys wearing hats and sunglasses in the image above.
The last years have shown to me that THE RULING ELITE is mainly occupied with keeping power and making money.
The mistakes they made, they don’t pay for, but those without power and without money. The only people who were hurt by the economic crisis of the last years were the so-called ordinary people.
None of THE RULING ELITE felt responsible and feels responsible for mistakes they make. They don’t have to bear with consequences of any sorts.

For long years I have actually accepted and assumed that the huge amounts of money THE RULING ELITE is pocketing is earned by competence, social competence, creativity, intelligence and leadership.
None of this is true. The only competence of the RULING ELITE is getting into power, keeping power and pocketing money.