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For long years I have actually accepted and assumed that the huge amounts of money THE RULING ELITE is pocketing is earned by competence, social competence, creativity, intelligence and leadership.
None of this is true. The only competence of the RULING ELITE is getting into power, keeping power and pocketing money.

A shortened and roughly translated interview by Christine Hadertauer, member of The Ruling Elite:

“Two thirds of them are abusing our hospitality”

Interview by Mike Szymanski

Hundreds of refugees are protesting against the miserable conditions in their accommodations. Bavaria’s Secretary for Human Services is talking about the hunger strike and the conditions in the asylums.

The protest of the refugees against the catastrophic conditions in the asylums is still broadening. All over the Bavarian state the refugee residents reject their food allocation, 200 of them turned on hunger strike. The Secretary for Human Services, Christine Hadertauer, 48, member of the (so called) Christian Social Union party, explains, why she doesn’t see any reason for intervening.

Question: Have you been in Augsburg in the meantime, to get an impression of the conditions there and to talk with those who turned on the hunger strike?

Christine Haderthauer: the local councils are informing me; therefore there is no reason for a visit. None of the demands of the fugitives is new to me. I know all about the food packages, the conditions in the mass accommodations and the right to work we have already discussed broadly in the Parliament. All these questions have been resolved a good time ago.

Question: 400 of the refuges deny the food packets, 200 of them are on hunger strike. Doesn’t that worry you at all?

Christine Haderthauer: For me there is no objective reason for this protest. But it could be connected to the appeal of the Bavarian Committee for Fugitives to donate money. This has the effect, that those who don’t accept the food packages, receive cash. It’s up to you, to decide if this could be an incentive for this boycott.

Question: You blame the Committee for Fugitives whipping up the protests.

Christine Haderthauer: About that everybody can come to his own conclusions.

Question: The food packages are not negotiable for you? What’s the problem about giving the fugitives money?

Christine Hadertauer: The inhabitants have a broad selection of foods to make their choice from. They can put together their individual food packets. I don’t see any reason to give them cash. This way I make sure that our help arrives the fugitives in form of food.

Question: You are saying, that those who are not suited by these terms, should feel free to leave Germany again. Is the time of humanitarian politics towards the refuges, that you have promised the fugitives, gone by now?

Christine Hadertauer: No. My remarks only relate to those who are abusing our hospitality. Those who don’t have the right to stay in Germany, and there are no further obstacles for deporting them, I can’t hand out cash and I can’t allow them to move out the mass accommodations. These people are no fugitives, even measured to the standards of human rights organizations.

Question: You even state that most of the refugees are abusing the hospitality the Staet of Bavaria is offering to them.

Christine Hadertauer: I have statistics to prove this statement. More than two thirds of the refugees are abusing our hospitality.

Question: Are you applying to these people, a model of deterrence based on cockroaches, broken showers and a life in tightest spaces?

Christine Hadertauer: In April I have developed standards for the accommodations. Some of them are very good and some we have to catch up a bit. We have asked for 20 million Euros for improving the accommodations.

Question: How come the fugitives don’t notice any of these improvements?

Christine Hadertauer: All of this can’t happen overnight. As in other areas, we have to see what we can afford.

Question: These grievances can’t be overlooked, even the public authorities talk from problematic conditions. But you seem to be satisfied with how the things are. Explain this to us.

Christine Hadertauer: Of course things wear out with this kind of intensive use. Now and then a shower con go broke that way. No regional government has told me yet that they can’t fix this, saying that we haven’t given them enough money. For the implementation The regional authorities are in charge for the implementation of these matters.. It is not my task to supervise the janitors. Everybody has his own responsibilities.

Christine Hadertauer doesn’t know, that it is only by chance, that she hasn’t been born to a country, where economic or social conditions could have forced to flee her home. She has no idea what kind of suffering makes people leave and she has no idea what kind of suffering makes people trisking their lives just to arrive to a country they never wanted to go first of all.

Christine Hadertauer doesn’t know, that respect is founding element in human relationships.

The way she is talking about refugees is showing her basic disrespect for them.
Her language and thinking is bureaucratic, cold hearted and, as so often, she denies responsibility for everything that she can’t deny having gone wrong.

She is a typical member of our political class.

image by
Jim Goldberg
Open See Volume 1