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image by
Jürgen Teller

“The Last Childhood´s Summer”

Every one of these photographs could have come from a
documentary photographer represented by let’s say Magnum
or a so called photographer artist rooted deeply in the photographic art world.

Maybe then we would talk about the truthfulness of these images.

And we would talk about the last childhoods summer.


Is it simply fashion?

These images might not be primarily about selling fashion,
but they are selling the renown photographers name,
they are selling lifestyle, maybe they are addressing a certain Ukrainian nostalgia,
or our nostalgic memories of our last summers not being grown up yet but in love already,
just too shy to tell.

I don’t care about the truth in photography,
for there isn’t any truth in photography.
I just care about what kind of stories,
memories, and feelings photographs are provoking in me.

There is lot of stupid talk equaling art and design,
but here Jürgen Teller once again managed the crossover.
His work is irritating my mind, and touching my soul.

And not to forget: so much art is just fashionable.