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source: Clare Strand

We are the only ones who are struggling here…

Clare Strands project “Signs Of A Struggle”
looks like a collection of old police photographs,
found in some forgotten archives and published now digitally.

But the images just are mimicking the airs of archive photos;
the crime scenes Strand is depicting are fictitious.

Her photographs create a secret about a secret that never existed.
There is no secret, and there is no answer.
Now we are in the trap Strand has put up for us.

The mug shot isn´t a mug shot.
It could be a self-portrait by the photographer.
he is covering her eyes with one hand, as if hiding,
but of course you can´t do that when being photographed by the police.
And in fact she is not hiding at all:
the lady is hinting here that her work is about introspection.

Her images don´t tell us anything about outside reality,
but about how we relate to photographs,
about our instinctive reactions looking at them,
maybe even more so when expecting to observe a crime scene.

Looking at disasters from a safe place, we all do that.
This kind of curiosity is rooted deep within us
and is only stopped by good manners or some self-imposed morality.

But back in our living rooms, nobody can see us here,
we all become the voyeurs that we really are, looking at photographs.