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Scampia, Naples
Brother and sister kissing

image by
Valerio Spada

via MiCamera/Facebook

“Valerio Spadas work on Naples is almost a documentary about adolescence, choices and chances in a land of Camorrah.”

This is the first sentence introducing Spadas Gomorrah Girl.
It raises the bar for Spade and this project in heights that it isn´t fit to meet.
A sentence that triggers in me the idea of a work consistent in quality,
complex in it´s structure,
and telling a story about adolescent life in urban area infested and poisoned by the mafia.

Looking at Spadas images I get the idea that in fact tried to do the above.
Possibly, with more time, he could achieved what he had in mind,
at least that´s what some of his very intense and beautiful images are telling me.

But sometimes, you just have to give up on the ideas and intentions you have in mind just to follow the trail of the images that are happening to you while working on a project.

Looking at these photographs I would suggest to forget about the accompanying text. Make your own selection, keep the projects title, add the places where the photographs were taken and a space will emerge big enough to make the project complete and well done.

Brother and sister kissing: black and blue, red and pink. Squares and the shape of a heart. Pink correlating with pink, blue with blue.

A small girl is kissing a young guy.
She is smiling her eyes closed.
A peacful moment full of love, but a feeling of unease and tension prevails.
In the context of the image before,
we know that the two of them are enacting role models they might have seen in the movies.
Still, my unease is remaining.

This image and the one before brings to a point what Spada´s project is all about,
and what it could have become.

Meanwhile I got the message that not the whole project is shown on the web.