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The Blue Sail, Scampia, Naples

image by
Valerio Spada

via MiCamera/Facebook

“Gomorrah Girl” shows the problems of becoming a woman in a dangerous , crime ridden area. Adolescence is almost denied, at 9 they dance , move and make themselves up as tv personalities and dream to become one of them. At 13 or 14, very often, they become mothers, skipping the adolescence which is lived fully everywhere else in Italy.
Girls at the Liceo in Scampia , families inside Le Vele, the notorious neighborhood of Scampai is considered one of the most dangerous in Italy for its central position in one of the highest drug trafficing and dealing in Europe, where Camorra business has its core and main income by selling drugs of excellent quality at the lowest price.

quoted from Valeria Spada¬īs website.