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Robert Knoth

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Makrushina (20) has problems with her thyroid gland and kidneys and suffers from gastric disorders. Katya is Olga Fedorovna? daughter. The Siberian Chemical Combine in the closed city Tomsk-7 had over 35 accidents in four decades. The last major accident took place in 1993. An explosion destroyed part of a reprocessing facility and an area of 200 square kilometers was contaminated with radio active materials, resulting in evacuations. Most contamination of the area though stems from deliberate dumping of large amounts of highly radio active waste in the Tom River. Many inhabitants of the region and workers of the SCC have fallen ill. SCC keeps on pouring radio-active materials in open storage facilities and injecting it into the ground close to the water supply of populated areas. There are already large amounts of radioactive materials from Europe are processed by the SCC.

Nauomovka, Russia Ekaterina (Katya)