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Melissa Shook

I was yesterday at the senior home again. For those who don´t know me: I am working there to survive financially. My job is to spend my time with the demented inhabitants: in a way I am a professional visitor.
Mr.Thomas is a demented old gentleman. He is still able to talk and to behave adequately relating to what is happening around him. He loves to recite long and short verses he learned by heart earlier in happier years.
His wife, who wasn´t demented, a very fine and cultivated person, has died over the weekend.
The two of them were married for 63 years.
Now she is gone.

Mr. Thomas will go to her burial with his only daughter.
Yesterday he quoted a verse mentioning a fairy tale that has ended now.

Though I am confronted with deaths by people I have got to know the last two years fairly well, this death is particularly shocking to me.

Because it could have been my partner in life who has died.
Sooner or later to one of us, to Andrea or me, will be left alone after a lifetime of sharing worries and moments of happiness.