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image by
Glen Erler

The sound of Glen Erlers photography immediately triggered something very personal in me when I stumbled over some of his images.

I then was looking for the common denominator that is connecting his photographs, and it might be, that I found a thread, best described by himself in his introductory statement to one of his numerous projects:

“Until The End Of October”

My parents stayed together for the best part of 11 years and I promised myself I would do better. I would not go down this path and I would do my best to avoid inflicting any pain upon my children due to the direction a divorce can take. My journey lasted for more than 18 years and then made a sudden turn to where choice wasn’t something I had control over. It seems humans just simply struggle to have the ability to stay together for long periods of time and I commend with a full salute to those who reach far and beyond our societies recent statistics. I swore I would make it and didn’t. Tears fell in bucket loads and sometimes still do but my kids seem mostly fine although the initial thought of them having to endure this for the rest of their lives broke me into little pieces. They now have 2 places to go between and bunk beds and our life is moving forward in new directions with only time to tell us the true test results. Love hasn’t faltered and beliefs haven’t changed and fate might just come into play. We will simply have to make the best of it and find new roads to travel down. (…shortened.)

Glen Erler