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Once a year, for over 33 years now, Nicholas Nixon is assembling a group portrait including his wife and her three sisters.

His work doesn´t tell anything about the everyday life of these women, nothing about births and deaths, nothing about love and family quarrels.

They are almost like everybody’s family pictures. As with all these ritually taken images you have to look very closely to get a hint of the life behind the image presented to you, if at all.

Yes these photographs could be everybody’s family photographs,
but they aren´t. There seems to be a quality of trust and an openness in these images that is rare to find.

Now I could be talking about Nixons language and photographic technique, but the only thing that matters here to me is, that he has a technique and language distinctly of his own.

There are many roads to say what you want to say.

What you see is strictly the story of four women starting out young and slowly, measured by the distance we are meant to go, slowly these women are growing old.
What ever has happened to them?

No drama but the simple drama of life.

image by
Nicholas Nixon