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Marita Bullmann and I met long years ago in a workshop of mine.
Somehow we stayed in touch.

We never agreed on a selection of her photographs.
And she, she always was very polite (and very strict)
commenting my photographs.

For her final exam at the “Folkwang University of the Arts”
Marita Bullmann digitalized old family super 8 movies,
edited them down to a few sequences, altered their speed,
and brought all of this together
in an installation using an empty office space.

One of the video-sequences
is accompanied by a text written and spoken by herself.
Translating her poetic essay would be like re-photographing her images,
I simply can´t be doing that.

The text is about introspection, it´s about memories and longing.
We listen to a voice, describing the frame of mind of a young woman.
A young woman who has left her childhood home quite a while ago and arrived,
arrived somewhere that could be described as in between.

marita bullmann 1

Marita Bullmann 2

Marita Bullmann 3

Marita Bullmann 4

Marita Bullmann 5


by Ingo Sturm