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Nikolay Bakharev´s images look like a bunch of amateur photographs found in an attic. Intimate bedroom moments, cute erotic photographs from a time before Internet was around, before pornographic images of all sorts were flooding the monitors of lonesome men in the need of some boring excitement.

In between we see images made during summer time, people in bathing trunks gazing openly in the one-eyed machine of the photographer. We see friendly images telling the tale of trustful intimacy and medial innocence long gone by now.

And we see the work of a photographer unspoiled by the cultivated professionalism of art school absolvents, producing technically perfect specimens of global artwork.

Nikolay Bakharev´s work might be rooted in the realms of amateur photography, but he has found a visual language decidedly his own, strong in form and utterly charming in it´s innocence.