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Zhe Chen

One thing is certain;
What begun as just cause became just excuse.

(Jeanette Winterson)

I don´t know about certainties.

If one thing is certain, then this could mean that a lot of things aren´t. I believe that the way we deal with ourselves and the world around us is rooted in the conditioning we have gone through out our childhood.The only way to escape these patterns is to detect them and to understand their cause. Our knowledge about our childhood is like the blurry vision of a shape in the fog. We don´t want to remember painful things.And, should we decide to go back in time, it will be a hard thing to do.It´s foggy in the land of painful memories.Whatever will happen throughout our lives, childhood is no excuse, but a reason.

This woman, that I didn´t know and still don´t know and never will know, she does love her mother.Or she is longing for a mother that she could have had if fate would have been different. I don´t know and never will.