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image by Alessandra Sanguinetti
Morning, 2006

The life that came.

i was excited to see Alessandra Sanguinetti’s “The Life that Came,” since it is a continuation of her wonderful project “The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams,” about two cousins growing up together on their family’s farm in Argentina.

i expected to love the new work, and, although the images are lovely, i didn’t really love them. i think maybe this is purely an emotional response–and that the new photographs made me sad. maybe in my mind i let Guille and Belinda stay as floating symbols, with the freedom of dress up, smell the flowers, gender play, swim all day, and generally run around in their underwear. it’s nice to see their closeness continue. but it was harder than i expected to see them grow up.

source: subjectify

Of course I had been stumbling over the work of Alessandra Sanguinetti before. I just didn´t get into it, thinking: too much chocolate. Like the blog author above says: girls running about in underwear, dressing up, floating around in different rivers or ponds, clearly set in scene by the photographer.

I was completely wrong. The last days I really was drawn into this work. Though most of the images seem to be staged, none of it is overdone. I love the way the touch of the everyday infiltrates these images. I like the balance kept between imagination and the semblance of reality.

I don´t have the feeling to get any information about the girls besides that of their looks, but I don´t think this project is about living conditions and psychology.
A permanent tension is being created rooted in the visual oppositeness of the girls.
A visual tension and some questions are never resolved.

This project is not a portrait of it´s protagonists, but actually a tale of childhood as it could be, and sometimes is, for just a moment.

There seem to be no worries in this land the two, no doubts, no suspicions, no disappointments.

A grownup dreaming of childhood long gone, of happy hours absorbed by the realms of phantasy shared with a friend, immersed in the embrace of his company and the warming light of the sun.

I forgot about myself, then.