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image and text by
Alnis Stakle
from the series: “The dark side of the moon”

Alnis Stakle:

The works from these series are almost oldest my works. For creating them I was used my childhood film negatives when I was 14 years old (1989 year), photos from family archive, and some found photos. The works are created re-photographing on old soviet time B&W film and enlarging sometimes only small fragments from source photographs.
Inspiration for creating these works was my childhood memories – I remember that in my childhood I had discovered some books in my family’s library with the descriptions of different diseases and photos of patients. I looked through these books with horror and then for many months I could not calm down. When I was alone at home I could sit in the bathroom for hours and think about different kinds of death that my dear ones or me might befall. These could be the most impressive memories from my childhood.