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source: These Americans.

I am sure there are quite a few scientific essays
relating to the existence of pin ups.

The topics might be:

The male view on the female body.
Stereotypes in the pictorial language of erotic photographs.
Pin ups reflecting sexuality and role models in society.
Pin ups and visual taboos.
Pin ups and gender.

About the motivation of men and women
to cooperate for the production of pin ups.

Regarding pin ups: what do men and women see and think,
when they are looking at the same photograph.
Do men and women share similar erotic phantasies?

Pin ups are charmingly clumsy and funny.
Pin ups at their best beautiful without any meaning.
You can see a lot of furniture on pin ups.
The most interesting thing about pin ups
is the expression of the model if she is showing any expression at all.

Pin ups showing tenderness and emotional intimacy are no pin ups.

See for yourself.