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image by
Sia Joo Hiang

inspired by an image from my series
growing up, 2000-2003

I woke up in the middle of the night. To early for starting the day, but already wide-awake. Staying in bed would have resulted in a lot of tossing around trying to catch a bit of sleep. I went to the kitchen, brewed myself a coffee, lit a cigarette and googled my name in the smartphone.

This way I stumbled over Sia Joo Hiangs site, who had posted on her blog some drawings that had used portraits of mine as a source.

It was a strange meeting with images that I know all too well, transferred most charmingly into little drawings and paintings. Something had changed to stay the same.

What really amazed me, that this person that I didn´t know anything about, a person who is living far away in a country I just had once a short stopover, a person from a completely foreign cultural background I for sure would have a lot of trouble understanding and adjusting too, that this person, a stranger that couldn´t be stranger to me, seemed to have grasped exactly what I had had tried to express.

I couldn´t have gotten a bigger compliment.

Sia Joo Hiang posted these drawings on her blog, and mentioned my portraits as a source. Though her images are reflecting not only my work but also a part of her as a person, she knows that there is a difference between work that is keeping rather close to a source and work that is completely rooted in the mind and soul of an artist.

But her images are not only sensitive transfers of my photographs into an other medium but sometimes there is a shift in them that adds something new to the pictures that had been mine.