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from: “july, 2006”

I didn´t stop blogging, and I am not on vacation.
I am just reconstructing my portfolio page.
No spare time left for blogging.
See you soon.

For the relaunch of my portfolio page I am going through the images I took the last years, since my book was published.

I tried to find a new road to go and found some dead end streets.

Two major projects were complete flops. This is my opinion, the public hasn´t seen them, and this will stay this way. The project called Anna based on a misconception and uninspired images. It was a attempt to cheat on time. I am fascinated by what time is doing to us, and was hoping that Anna becoming a mother would show this change more rapidly.

The second project was an attempt to show everyday Germany with its everyday architecture, ugly and strange, as I see it. I saw it, but couldn´t put it into form. Two years of marching blindly into the wrong direction. But there were also some exercise that ain´t that bad.