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The Afghan Box Camera Project was as far as I understand, initiated by Lukas Birk, an Austrian multimedia artist.

He has put up a very lovingly made and informative website that tells you all about the box camera,and everything connected to it.

I really was hit by the reality of these images. Because they show a different reality than we know through the media. Professional tv and photojournalism show forever the same picture: a troubled, extreme country, very foreign to us, and forever at war. With no much hopes for the future. All of is is part of the truth. But it is always the look from the outside, using a globalized language.

These old-fashioned images taken with an old fashioned equipment are different. They are tender and funny, sad and full of dreams. They seem to be innocent.
They show a kind of normality these people are hoping for.
They want to have a nice photograph taken, they want to look beautiful.

We have a lot in common, they and us.

Photograph by