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“This is my father”

Alexandra Niki wrote an article called “5 lessons on how to live photography” on RESOURCE, an online magazine.
Forget about the lessons,
Alexandra Nikis tone is here professional and know it all,
something I don´t care about.

the images she found that relate to her father,
are loving, and personal.

Alexandra Niki seems to be proud
of her father
and the life he lived
and now
she is proud
of herself.

“A building close to Industria used to be occupied by a close friend
of the family and photographer, Walter Chin,
prior to becoming what it is now.
He was a regular in our loft amongst many others.
My father had his studio in our loft,
which also included 30-ft ceilings,
a 5,000 sq ft deck, spiral staircase,
and generally speaking,
a massive loft that you could not even recreate in your imagination.
Growing up here, included photo shoots, large parties of 200+ guests,
big dinners, drinking, art directors, models, fashion,
lots of nudity, friends and simply– freedom and happiness.
Underlying this paradise, my father ran his studio
like a well oiled machine: assistants on salary,
maids, nannies, you name it. He learned from the best,
with a history assisting Avedon, Albert Watson, Helmut Newton,
and many other greats; he knew his sh*t,
he knew how to party
and he knew how to shoot a damn good photograph.

This is my father.